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Grace J Teo

Grace J Teo

Grace J Teo

My name is Grace, the creator and founder of The Coven: Tarot School and the reader behind fourfoestarot. 

I’ve been reading and practising tarot for the past 15 years. Im a clairaudience, empath, an intuitive reader and currently I'm studying to be a licensed hypnotherapist. Over the course of 10 years, I’ve done reading/ held space for a wide range of international clients. Ranging from the US, HK, Taiwan, UK, Malaysia, Cambodia, France, Russia, Sweden, India, Amsterdam, Australia and Singapore. I’ve helped clients find their strength and courage in their situation which has been hindering them down for the longest time. To lift and empower my clients to face their fears head on and tackle the issue, through a series of actionable advice and planning that we have derive from the cards. 

I pride myself as a reader who is straight forward, no BS, humorous and empathic to your situation. I’m understanding and relatable to your situation, as i’ve been in the corporate world for 10 years and have been through a few rough and turbulent relationship myself. But through tarot, i’ve found it to be a very enlightening and resourceful tool for self growth and development on a higher level of self.


Tel: +65 87181780
Job Title: Tarot Reader


Name: Grace J Teo